• Belinda Madzima

Thinking beyond the Business Idea

Starting and running a business comes with a lot of challenges. In essence, choosing the entrepreneurship route means you are voluntarily choosing risk and acknowledging all the weight that comes with it. However, a lot of people underestimate these challenges and go into business either unaware or unprepared of the heavy weight that’s behind the business idea. Building on something out of nothing will never be easy, hence it is very helpful to be emotionally ready and prepared at the start of the journey.

Unlike in employment where the job description, and all activities are defined by the employer, becoming an entrepreneur means the business, and all its activities begin and end with you. You are sorely responsible for creating your map, planning the direction, and setting the time scale to your destination. Although it is inevitable to experience intense feelings, doubt, fear, confusion and many other physical or psychological challenges; the pressure can be unbearable and too overwhelming. Until you can master how to manage and control the great intensity that comes with it, your success can be next to impossible.

Most business people are caught up in the typical business practice routine of continuously getting busy working in and on the business, focusing mainly on processes and activities doing the same things over and over. However, this alone will not get you best results. It is the quality of thinking that determines the quality of results; the difference between successful business owners and the rest is their quality of thinking. There is more to entrepreneurship than just having a good business idea and plainly working hard on it. Having the right mindset, good guidance and the right support network makes a great difference.

Successful entrepreneurs do not do it alone. Some of the major principles that shape all successful entrepreneurs are;

1. Having access to a coach: someone who significantly improves and broadens the possibilities in your thinking in relation to short, medium and long-term goals.

2. Regular access to a supportive inner circle: surrounding yourself with people who appreciate your journey and bring out the positivity in you by just being around them.

3. Regular access to a mastermind: a small group of like-minded, growth-focused people who you can relate to are ready to move to the next level.

4. Reading : a great a source of inspiration that helps to develop skills, provide tips and business strategies. You become a better entrepreneur by learning from the successes and failures of other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial life is often a lonely pursuit but having access to like-minded business owners is a very essential strategy to take on. It took me a good while to realise how relating to other people with the similar mindset can add value to your personal growth. When it comes to success, the more you are aware of the fate ahead of you, the easier the challenge becomes. It’s all about learning how to manage and control all the adverse instead of them controlling you, and learning how to deal with them differently. Once you master this, you get a powerful feeling that reveals your greater purpose in life.

Belinda Madzima is a qualified Business and HR Consultant based in Wolverhampton, UK.

She currently runs a consultancy business delivering flexible services to small businesses, providing professional advice on Business management, HR issues and practical employment support.

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